Kids Only BJJ Gi Round Robin Details

SATURDAY  14th March 2020


Note: This comp will be run at our new location – 5 Industrial Drive, Melton


Competition Overview

The Metamorphica Kids Only Gi Grappling Competition is a Round Robin event for all

Junior Competitors aged 5-15yrs.

All Kids are welcome regardless of gender, affiliation, rank or experience.

$55 for Competitors – ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY By Friday 13th March 12:00pm

$5 Adult Spectator Fee – Pay at entrance, Children Entry Free 

Ages 5-10ys

Weigh-Ins                – 8.00 – 8.30am

Welcome Speeches, Rules Meeting and Group Warm Up – 8.30-9.00am

Divisions Start        – 9.00am

Awards approx:      – 11.30 – 12.00pm


Ages 11-15ys

Weigh-Ins               – 10.30 – 11.00pm

Welcome Speeches,Rules Meeting and Group Warm Up – 11-11.30pm

Divisions Start Approx      – 12.00pm

Awards approx       – 3.00pm

Competition Aim

We aim to provide a safe, fun and developmental environment for junior age groups to experience the benefits of competing without the pressures and negativity that can sometimes be experienced with competition.

It is our aim that juniors can come to the comp without feeling the need to win at all costs, just experience rolling with other competitors from outside their normal training circle, learn some new techniques, consolidate their learning, and make some new friends.


Competition Format and Mechanics

This competition is run as a Round Robin Competition.

Competitors are placed into divisions of 5 according to the following (in order of importance): Gender, Weight, Age then Rank.

Each competitor will have matches against every other competitor in their group, typically four matches in all. On completion of each match the points will be awarded and recorded on a tally sheet.

At the end of the day the competitor with the highest total points will be awarded gold and the second highest points will be awarded silver.

In addition to place winners there will be other awards presented such as best sportsmanship and encouragement awards to name a few.


Rules Clarification

Our competitions are run under a modified version of the IBJJF Rulebook.

We do not award advantages or penalties during matches.

Points are awarded as per the IBJJF rulebook.

We really don’t want to disqualify people for technical errors but we will disqualify competitors where their actions risk harm to themselves or another competitor.

All competitions start the day with a rules meeting. If you’re new to competitions we suggest you make yourself familiar with the IBJJF rulebook here. Page 24 contains a list of all the illegal techniques.

But… to make things easy here is a list of acceptable techniques.  The following constitute the legal techniques for the day:

  • Collar chokes with the exception of Ezekiel
  • Triangle Choke with Legs, (NO PULLING THE HEAD)
  • Arm Bars
  • Figure 4s, Kimura’s
  • Back Choke


Competitor Behaviour

It is expected that all competitors understand the expectations and the rules.

All competitors will compete in:

  • Good faith
  • Implement their best jiu jitsu in a positive and friendly manner

Negative behaviour, bad sportsmanship, aggressive behaviour and disregard for competitors safety will result in possible disqualification.


Coaches Behaviour

Only the childs coach is allowed to provide instruction in a positive manner and lead by example in terms of sportsmanship win or lose.

All other coaches and or spectators can provide encouragement and cheering only.

It can be stressful and difficult for competitors to make sense of too many instructions so we prefer to keep it simple.  Stress free and fun is the aim of the day.

Arguments with referees will not be tolerated.

Complaints and concerns can be lodged with organisers and we welcome the feedback but please keep it professional and polite.


Parental Behaviour

Parents are always welcome to support their kids and we understand that it is a stressful day for you as well.  However please let the coaches and event staff run the day and utilise reception for any queries you may have.

Our aim is to provide the most positive, safe and fun environment for our competitors please help us achieve that by leading by example.  Keep your support positive and friendly and your disappointments or concerns professional.

We are looking forward to meeting you all

and seeing you on the mats!!!


Any Questions? Contact us on:

Ph: 03) 8015 6209