Free Kids BJJ Class

Free Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class!

Learn Why BJJ is the Best New Activity for Your Child!


What makes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu different from other activities?

Keeps Your Child SAFE in the Real World- With bullying a real problem especially in schools BJJ is the ideal martial art for your child to defend themselves and do it with control so they don’t become the bad guy in the situation

Safe for Kids to Train- Unlike other martial arts such as boxing and karate your child can train properly and apply techniques without being exposed to damaging blows to the head and risking serious injuries!

Teaches Life Skills & Life Lessons- The lessons learned on the mat will help your child in everyday life as they develop control,discipline, confidence, resilience and more!

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle- Your child will be a part of a healthy positive lifestyle that sets them up for success in all areas of their life

Develops Fitness, Strength and Co-ordination- BJJ doesn’t just get your child off the couch it helps them become fitter, stronger versions of themselves as well as improving their whole body awareness and co-ordination like no other activity can

IT’S FUN!- Kids enjoy the fun nature of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so they benefit while also enjoying themselves!


Why Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Programs are the BEST Choice for Your Child!

Structured Learning- Your child will learn from a structured syllabus, be tested & receive a recognised rank that will carry over into adulthood

Safe & Controlled Environment – With high levels of supervision and discipline you can trust your child will be safe

Proven Results – Our programs have been refined over 9 years of teaching kids, we have the most successful Junior BJJ Program not just in Melton, but in Victoria and possibly the country! We are constantly upgrading and adapting our program to be the best for a reason!

Qualified & Experienced Instructors – All our instructors have specific training in how to teach kids, this is important as kids aren’t little adults and BJJ needs to be taught specifically for them. We all have Working with Children and Police Record checks and level 2 First Aid

Superior Facilities – Your child will benefit from training in the biggest and best full-time martial arts venue in Melton, high-quality mats to optimise safety and enjoyment with plenty of space, hygienic and clean!

Professional Approach – We put significant time and resources into our kids program and deliver them with a professionalism that is far above the average, just see for yourself!

Fun! We know how to make sure the kids have fun while they achieve, with incentives such as sticker charts & obstacle course week – your child will love training with us!